Kenan Demirel currently teaches comprehensive courses in multiple subjects, including Call Center Management, Introduction to Communication, Public Relations, CRM and Corporate Communication at Izmir University of Economics. Academic interest he recently has is highly focused on mobile advertising, digital communication, social media and brand management. Besides, his research stream is grounded in a deep interest in explaining and predicting linkages among personal branding and Z generation. As for his professional experience, he previously worked in various senior positions at Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, Young and Rubicam, American Cultural Association, T-Nations, British Town and Yaşar Holding. At Izmir University of Economics, his primary focus is to bridge the gap between academic exploration and real time professional communication practices.

He holds B.A. degree in Public Relations and Advertising from Izmir University of Economics and M.A. degree in Media and Communication Science from Ilmenau University of Technology. At present he is a PhD candidate in Communication Research at Ege University.

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