Aliona Eugeniu Lungu was born in former USSR. Her father is from the USA, as for her mother - from Ukrania. She has studied in the university, Modern Languages Department, English and French. Then she studied Law and Economy. Her work experience started in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Her responsibilities were co-ordinating all the activities involved for foreign investors, meeting co-ordination, organization of business seminars, recruitment advising, translation as well as assisting president in international contacts. During this time she has been to Germany for about 6 months where she had the opportunity to complete practical training within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Wurzburg and the SUDZUCKER AG Mannheim, in order to acquaint herself with the business methods in Germany. The "SUDZUCKER" AG is the biggest European sugar producing company with the factories all over Europe and in some Eastern countries. Working there in the main administration office, she passed through the following departments: Central division for International Contacts, Central division for Purchasing, Central division for Sale, Sugar/ beets branch Board of Directors, Factory management. Then about 4 months she took part in the United States International Agency Program - Community Connection. After that she has worked in the Constitutional Court about two years and had diplomatic passport during this time. Her responsibility incorporated all the activities concerning the international relations of the Constitutional Court, including the translation of legal documents for the council of Europe. She was also the member of the interpreters association for the Citizen Network for Foreign Affairs, USA. She came to Turkey to teach English language. For two years she worked in Çakabey College, Izmir, then being transferred to the University of Economics. She speaks following languages: English, French, Russian, Romanian, Ukranian, Turkish. In 2011 The International Commission for the Recognition and Equivalence of Studies, Diplomas and Academic Degrees confirmed A. Eugeniu’s degree as MA degree in Arts in Education.