National book chapters

  • A.Bürgin and D.Erzene Bürgin.
    Why are persons of Turkish origin leave Germany? Warum verlassen türkeistämmige Personen mit deutschem Schulabschluss das Land?.
    Return Migration from Germany to Turkey/Return Migration from Germany to Turkey.
    (2013), Federal Government of Germany,
  • A.Bürgin and D.Erzene Bürgin.
    Abwanderungsmotive türkeistämmiger Personen mit deutschem Schulabschluss: Ergebnisse einer Online Umfrage (Why do persons of Turkish origin leave Germany in order to work and live in Turkey?.
    Transnationale Migration am Beispiel Deutschland und Türkei (Transnational Migration between Germany and Turkey).
    (2012), Springer VS,
  • A.Bürgin.
    The Legitimacy of an enlarged and deepened European Union.
    F.Schimmelfennig and B.Rittberger.
    The Constitutionalization of the European Union.

International book chapters

  • A.Bürgin.
    The European Commission .
    A.Jordan and V.Gravey.
    Environmental Policy in the EU: Actors, Institutions and Processes (4e).
    (2020), Routledge,
  • A.Bürgin.
    The European Commissions Role in EU-Turkey relations.
    W.Reiners and E.Turhan.
    EU-Turkey Relations Theories, Actors, Policies.
    (2020), Palgrave (forthcoming),
  • A.Bürgin.
    Turkey and Justice and Home Affairs: Mutual Interests but High Distrust.
    A.Ripoll and F.Trauner.
    The Routledge Handbook of Justice and Home Affairs Research.
    (2017), Routledge,
  • A.Bürgin and D.Erzene-Bürgin.
    Why Persons of Turkish Origin leave Germany and how they feel in Turkey: Results of an Online Survey.
    R.Nadler , Z.Kovacs , B.Glorius and T.Lang.
    Return Migration and Regional Development in Europe. Mobility Against the Stream.
    (2016), Palgrave, ISBN: 978-1-137-57508-1
  • A.Bürgin.
    Disappointment or New Strength: Exploring the Declining EU Support among Turkish Students, Academics and Party Members.
    Turkey's Quest for the EU Membership Towards 2023.