• The Impact of the Reorganized Juncker Commission: Evidence from the Energy Union
    (2016-2017) Queen Mary University, London,
  • Turkey as Strategic Partner
    (2016-2017) Mannheim University, Germany - Arbeitskreis Europaeische Integration
  • The Jean Monnet Chair Application: Factors of Success
    (2015-2016) - Turkish National Agency Higher Education Unit
  • EU-Turkey relations
    (2014-2015) Freiburg, Germany - University of Freiburg, Germany
  • Return Migration: Motives and Potential for Turkey
    (2009-2010) Kassel - University of Kassel


  • Turkey-EU-Germany Relations at a Crossroads: What Future Awaits the Trio?
    (2018-2019) - Yaşar University
  • Current Issues in EU Politics
    (2018-2019) Dokuz Eylül University - International Relations Dept
  • Visa liberalization process between Turkey and the EU
    (2014-2015) Izmir - IUE's Law Faculty
  • The State of the EU
    (2015-2016) Izmir University of Economics
  • EU-Turkey Visa liberalization process
    (2012-2013) Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir - Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir
  • Visa Liberalisation Talks between the European Union and Turkey
    (2012-2013) - Izmir University
  • Changing Turkey and its EU membership prospects
    (2010-2011) Bremen, Almanya - University of Bremen
  • Turkey's EU Membership Prospects
    (2009-2010) Cesme - Izmir - AEGEE- İzmir
  • The Social Legitimacy of EU Governance
    (2009-2010) Izmir - IUE Department of International Relations and EU