Antonio Ramirez graduated from Universidad Rafael Urdaneta in Maracaibo, Venezuela and got a degree in Computer Engineering. He got a masters degree in Computer Information Systems from Southern New Hampshire University in the United States. It was here when he started pursuing teaching as a career opportunity by teaching Spanish to coworkers. His responsibilities as an analyst/trainer in a software company helped him develop his teaching skills. In 2000 he moved to Istanbul, Turkey where he began teaching Spanish and English to university students and since then he has held several teaching positions. He enrolled in a Teacher Formation Program and received a certificate from Instituto Cervantes in Istanbul. He worked as a Spanish instructor in foreign language schools such as Dilmer and Bati Dilleri in Istanbul. He worked as an English instructor providing English consultancy services to companies such as Carrefour, FOX TV, AstraZeneca, MultiTurk Development, and Turkiye Gazetesi. In 2010 he started working at Izmir University of Economics as a Spanish Instructor.