- 1954/64 Ankara Koleji,
- 1964/66 Fryerning Secretarial and Finishing School - Sussex / İngiltere,
- 1967 L’ ecole Mannequin Silhoutte - Geneve / İsviçre.

- 1966/1981 is the period that she was a fashion model. During this period, she successfully represented the creations of Turkish fashion and textile in national and international area such as in England, Germany, France, Italy, Swiss, Yugoslavia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Kuwait, Algeria, Tunisia and Malta. At the same time period, she has also worked in France for a while. She took part in a lot of national and international commercial films, advertisements and magazines. Moreover, she took part in a national short movie.
- From 1974 to today, she has worked as organizer, choreograph and art director of fashion shows. She did the choreographies of many fashion shows in Turkey and also abroad. Then, she also gives consultant service for fashion shows.
- In 1975, she founded the first model agancy in Turkey which is still active and she is the manager of the agancy.
- 1980/1983, she opened the Modelling and Elegancy Courses connected with the Ministry of National Education and she was teacher there.
- 1980/1984, she took part as fashion designer in Modello Leather Company