Berrin Keskin, graduated from the Department of Spanish Language and Literature, History & Geography Faculty of Ankara University, in 1997, acquiring the degree of undergraduate, has been nominated for a course, in the Complutense University of Madrid, with a summer student scholarship, provided by the Ministry of National Education, in 1996. She has had the course of Formation of Spanish Tutor in ISLA Academy, in the city of Salamanca of Spain in 2014, again with a scholarship. . She has had a work experience in the sectors of banking and tourism for a period after the undergraduate education, and has been working as a Spanish Tutor in various establishments since 2007. She has been giving lectures in the following establishments in the chronological order given; İzmir Tömer, Economy University of İzmir, Galatasaray and Yeditepe University of İstanbul, and again, Economy University of İzmir. She is mother of two sons.