Dr. Öztürk received her Bachelor of Chemistry degree from Aegean University Faculty of Science. Then she recevied her Msc and PhD degrees from Izmir Institute of Techonology, Institute of Engineering and Science with her studies on analytical chemistry. After working as research assitant in İzmr Institute of Techonlogy between 2000-2010, she went to Germany Karlsruhe JRC Institute for Tranuranium Elements as a post doctorate researcher. In 2012, she started as part-time lecturer in Izmir University of Economic Faculty of Engineering. In 2014 she started as a full time faculty member in Applied Management School Dept. Of Culinary Arts and Management.she was assigned as head of department at 2014 and director of Applied management School between 2015-2022 .
Dr Öztürk who has researches in the area of analytical chemistry and chemometrics, keeps her research in food chemistry including gastronomy. Dr. Öztürk improved her studies on food design, sensory properties and sensory measurements, cuisine culture