Dr. Buket Akyel has graduated from the Psychology Department of the Middle East Technical University. She completed her Ph.D degree at the University of Maryland, College Park Md. where she received Fulbright Shcolarship for four years. She started her professional career at Ogden Bioservices (Md. US) as a “bio-statistician” in 1989. Later in 1994 she started to work for the Yaşar Group in İzmir where she worked for 15 years. Between 2001-2009 she worked as the “Human Resources Director” at Yaşar Holding, responsible from all the HR issues of the Group. Areas of her interest include organizational development, performance systems and developing special development programs for special groups. The Mentoring program where she has started at 1996 at the Yaşar Group is one of the first apllications of the system in Turkey.
She works as an HR consultant and also teaches at the Business Department of İzmir University of Economics (IUE) since 2009.