Burak Amirak, PhD, has been one of the first graduates of Department Public Relations and Advertising in Ege University. His work experience on media relations and event management while he was studying for his bachelor's degree. Mr. Amirak worked as a Marketing Communications expert for Oracle,, and founded Torus Corporate Brand Management Consultancy in 2001. Lowe Istanbul and Young & Rubicam \ Reklamevi were the global agencies where he served as Strategic Planing Director. In 2007, he became a partner in Shift Communications and served brands in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Mr. Amirak is sharing his experience and knowledge with the students since 2010 in Izmir University of Economics. Brands served; Oracle,, Piyale, Yapı Kredi Bank, World Card, Aygaz, Unilever (Omo, Domestos, Cif), Efes, Hyundai, Papia, Familia, Danone, Pınar, Avea, Kcell, Azercell. Mr. Amirak also contributed to the books, namely Integrated Communications in the Postmodern Era, Masters of Advertising -1 , and Masters of Advertising -2.

While sharing his 25 years of experience with the students, Mr. Amirak completed his PhD degree in Advertising with the dissertation titled as 'The role of Account Planning in creative process in Advertising: “Exploring account planning – creative process relationship” '.