Beatrice Yavaser was born in Edmonton, Canada in 1974. She grew up in Edmonton, Alberta and received an advanced high school diploma before enrolling as an undergraduate at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. She graduated from the University of Alberta where she obtained a degree in Economics and International Relations in 2000. Before graduating from university, in 1997, she received her TEFL certificate from Alberta Vocational College. She worked for a financial consulting firm for about two years after graduating from university. In 2002, she came to Turkey and worked in language schools and private schools in Istanbul before joining IUE in 2004. In 2006, she attended a “Six Day Course on Testing” and was awarded a certificate by Pilgrims. In 2009, she successfully completed the “British Council ELT Diploma Course Part 1”. In May of that same year, she attended a series of training sessions on “The Modular System and Its Implications for Testing” presented by Keith Morrow. In September of 2009, she attended the “ALTE Introductory Course in Language Testing” and “ALTE Course in Testing Listening” in Venice, Italy. She obtained a CELTA from Izmir University of Economics. Currently, she is working towards her DELTA. She’s been working as a member of the Testing Unit at IUE since 2005.