Cahit Hiçyılmaz was born in 1955, İzmir. He graduated from Mining Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University. He started to work 1980 as research assistant at same department. He graduated from Mineral Processing section of Mining Engineering Department of METU in 1982 with the degree of MSc with the thesis of "Recovering of Cryolite from Electrolysis Foam of Etibank Seydişehir Aluminium Plant" and in 1988 with the degree of PhD with the thesis of "The effects of Amines on the surface properties Scheelite and Calcite". He became Assistant Professor, Associted Professor and Professor in 1989, 1993 and 1997, respectively. He retired in 2007 from METU.
Cahit Hiçyılmaz has 130 papers published at national and international congress and journals. He studied with 30 different researches as director or researcher. He supervised 15 MSc and PhD thesis. He was also studied for the organization of congress and symposiums.
Cahit Hiçyılmaz is working in Occupational Health and Safety Department of İzmir University of Economics since 2014 as part time instructor.