Çiğdem Stevens received her high school education at Ozel Turk College in Izmir, Turkey. She then went on to the English Department at 9th September University to receive her Bachelor's degree in education.She began her teaching career at the school from which she graduated, Ozel Turk College, where she was a teacher of English from 1982 to 1984. She was then hired by the United States Army to instruct newly arrived American military personnel in Basic Turkish.After employment with the United States Army, she accompanied her husband to the United States until she returned to Turkey in 1989. She then became a teacher of English at Ozel Fatih College in Izmir. During her period as a teacher there, she enrolled as a student at the University of Maryland where she is pursuing yet a second degree, this time in Business Management.When the Izmir Advanced Education Institute opened up university study in affiliation with Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1996, she was chosen to be on the founding faculty. She remained there until 2001 when she joined our fine institution to again be part of the founding faculty of an educational institute of university level. She has taken workshops and seminars to keep her skills current and up to date. She got a certificate that allows her to teach Turkish as a second language, increasing her value to the university. She currently teaches Freshman English and Turkish as a second language to foreign students.