Place and date of birth:Ankara,05.01.1961
Graduation: Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine, 1985.
Academical Primary Expertise: Internal Medicine
Institution and Date of Graduation of the Academical Primary Expertise:Republic of Turkey,Ministry of Health, Izmir Ataturk Training and Research Hospital, 1993
Academic Title:Associate Professor of Internal Medicine,Medical Doctor
Approval Date of the Academic Title:12.10.2012
Academic Activities (Managed thesis, published articles, conference papers,projects,book chapters etc. :
Between years 1996 and 2015, I managed the medical thesis of 16 assistant doctors in internal medicine.
I have 14 articles published in SCI-E journals, 8 in international peer-rewieved journals,25 conference papers in the abstract books of international congress,40 articles in national journals, and 57 conference papers in the abstract books of national congress. I took part in two projects, of which one of them was international in 1997-98 and the other was national in 2004-5.