After graduating from Tarsus American College in 2004, Research Assistant Derya Başlamışlı Güvenir began her undergraduate studies at Istanbul Bahçeşehir University Law School in the same year and received her Bachelor's degree with distinction in 2008. After completing her legal internship at the Istanbul Bar Association, she joined Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Law as a research assistant in 2009. Derya Başlamışlı Güvenir, who received her Master's degree from the same institution in 2013, has been working at Izmir University School of Law since 2016. Meanwhile, she is continuing her Ph.D. studies in the field of corporate law at Istanbul University Institute of Social Sciences.
During her doctoral studies, she worked as a researcher at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University and Institute of Law and Finance with TUBITAK 2214-A International Research Fellowship in 2017 and 2018. Her research focuses on commercial law, corporate law and competition law. She speaks advanced English and intermediate German.