He received his B.ID. degree in the field of Industrial Design at Middle East Technical University in 1998, and his Masters degree in the field of Furniture and Decoration Education at Gazi University in 2004. He has started to the PhD program (2008-...), in İstanbul Technical University, Department of Industrial Product Design and currently working on his PhD research and thesis. After receiving his BID degree, he worked in an Architectural Company between 1998-2001 in numerous architectural, interior design and decoration projects in varying scales, as an Industrial Designer. He has been to Taiwan, Taipei in 2002 as an Intern and also contributed in several design projects as a part time designer for different design companies, and returned back to Turkey the same year. In 2003, he founded his own Design and Consultancy company in Ankara, and realized various projects in fields of Industrial Design, Advertising and Commercials production, Architectural Design and Visualization, Interaction Design. He has been working in Izmir University of Economics since 2007 as full time Instructor and worked as part time between 2004-2007. In Industrial Design Department of IEU, he coordinated the Furniture Design course (3rd year-junior) between 2007-2011 and presently coordinating since 2013, coordinating Industrial Design Studio I and II (2nd year-sophomore) since 2010, and coordinating Advanced Design Presentation Techniques course (2nd year-sophomore) since 2007, and coordinating Model Making course (1st year-freshman) since 2014. He also has lectured design and practice based courses to Visual Communication Dept., Fashion Design Dept. and VCS. His research interests include the subjects of furniture design, innovation, design methodology, model making, design presentation and visualization techniques.