Dr. Esra Bici Nasır is a part-time instructor in Izmir University of Economics, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. After her undergraduate degree from the Industrial Design Department at Middle East Technical University, she performed five years of professional practice as a product designer in sectors like promotion, leather goods, footwear, exhibition design and fashion design in İstanbul based companies. Completing her Master’s thesis, entitled ‘One product but by two disciplines: The search about the approaches of industrial designers and fashion designers on footwear design’, at İstanbul Technical University in 2006, she started to work as a research assistant at Doğuş and afterwards at Bahçeşehir University. She gained her Doctor of Philosophy degree after completing her dissertation thesis ‘An investigation of transformation of living room furniture: The idea of living room, furniture acquirement dynamics and use practices’, again at Istanbul Technical University. After her position as an assistant professor in İstanbul Medipol University, Department of Visual Communication Design for one and a half year, she moved to İzmir with her family in 2017 summer. Her interest areas are product design, interdisciplinary studies, design culture, furniture design and product/space relations. She has several papers and conference presentations related to these subject areas. Her article as ‘Changing Uses of the Middle Class Living Room in Turkey: The Transformation of Closed-Salon Phenomenon’ was published in the journal of the Mukogawa Women’s University: Intercultural Understanding. In 2016, her article, ‘Searching for vernacular concepts in the contemporary scene: The Turkish floor table as a source of design inspiration’ was published in International Journal of Food Design.