High school education was completed in İzmir; then she moved to Ankara and graduated from Gazi University Vocational Education Faculty, Department of Children Development and Education, Department of Preschool Education. For 3 years after graduation from university; she have worked with unique child or group of children who needs special education. Then she worked as a Lecturer at İstanbul Kavram Graduated School, in the department of Child Development Program, at the same time she was the head of the Program. She was a part of the Universities Without Obstacles Platform. She have continued to work with children who have Specific Learning Disabilities, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, and Mental Disorders. This year (2017), She completed her master degree at the Okan University, Institute of Social Sciences, Preschool Education program. From 2015, She have been working as a Lecturer at İzmir University of Economics, Child Development Program.