Gülin Vardar completed her undergraduate work in the Faculty of Architecture and Department of City and Regional Planning in 2002. During her undergraduate years, she participated in many projects in the field of urbanism in Turkey and abroad. She had worked as a financial consultant in a company and in the finance department of a private company. She had received her MBA degree from Izmir University of Economics in 2005. In the same year, Vardar started her PhD degree at İzmir University of Economics and was appointed as research assistant at the International Trade and Finance Department of the same university. During her PhD, she went to the University of Texas at Dallas as a "Visiting Researcher", where she had done doctoral research with a scholarship from TUBITAK. Vardar has successfully completed her Ph.D. and was awarded the title of Doctor of Philosophy in the Department of Business Administration majoring in the field of finance, with a thesis entitled "Risk Measurements and Efficiency Analysis for Public Banks on Central and Eastern European Stock Market Markets" in 2010. Vardar had become an assistant professor in 2012 and awarded the title of associate professor by the Interuniversity Council in 2015. She is currently Head of Department of International Trade and Finance at Izmir University of Economics. Assoc. Prof. Gülin Vardar has many articles in the fields of financial markets and banking, and book chapters within the textbooks, on both national and international levels.