Deniz Yükseker received her Ph.D. degree in sociology from Binghamton University in 2000. In addition to being a faculty member at the Sociology Department of Izmir University of Economics, she is also the chief editor of the social science journal New Perspectives on Turkey. Previously, she has worked in sociology and political science departments at Istanbul Kent University, Istanbul Aydın University, Koç University, The Johns Hopkins University and Bilkent University. She has conducted research and has published articles, books and reports in English and Turkish on topics such as the informal shuttle trade between Turkey and former Soviet republics, African migrants and refugees in Istanbul, the forced displacement of Kurds, women’s vocational education, seasonal migrant labor in the hazelnut value chain, Syrian and Turkish youth, migrants’ and refugees’ access to public services and rights in Istanbul, working conditions of service providers who work with refugees, the COVID-19 experiences of the elderly in Istanbul and the social participation of migrants.