Prof.Dr.Huriye Kubilay was born in 21th October 1955, in İzmir, after completing primary and high school education in İzmir, graduated from the Faculty of Law of İstanbul University in 1976 Spring Semester. She is a lawyer registered in Bar Association of İzmir. She has started her academic life in 1978 as an assistant during the establishment of Facult of Law, Aegean University. She has been granted PhD degree in the field of Commercial Law by Social Sciences Institute of İstanbul University, in 1985, after submitting her Doctorate Thesis on “Convertible Bonds”, prepeared under supervision of Prof.Dr.Ünal Tekinalp. She has been appointed as research assistant in 1986, as assistant professor in 1992 and professor in 2001. Prof.Dr.Huriye Kubilay, during her presence for thirty two years in the Faculty of Law of Dokuz Eylül University, she has accomplished some administrative duties suh as; Chief of Commercial Law Department, Chief of the Law of the Sea Department, Senate membership of Dokuz Eylül University, Vice Dean of Faculty of Law, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Law, Membership of Faculty Council and Membership of Board. Prof.Dr.Huriye Kubilay has been appointed as the Dean of Faculty of law of İzmir University of Economics, in March/2011. She has maintained this duty till March/2017. She has worked as the member of Preparatory Commission of a New Turkish Commercial Code, for the purpose of introduction of the new Turkish Commercial Code, Nr.6102, she has given many conferences in the Faculty of Law of University of Cologne, commercial chambers of Aegean Region, Commercial Chamber of İzmir and İzmir University of Economics. Prof.Dr.Huriye Kubilay who works as insurance arbitrator of Insurance Arbitration Commission, has been in the main arbitrators lists of The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey and Chamber of Shipping of İstanbul and Marmara, Aegean, Black Sea Regions and Commercial Chamber of İzmir. Prof.Dr.Huriye Kubilay has also carried on the duties as lecturer of Insurance Education Center, Undersecretariat of Treasury (SEGEM), member of Advisory Board of Center of Family Research and Application Center (ALAUM)and Advisory Board Member of Maritime Research Center of Ankara University (DEHUKAM).