Hüseyin Onur Dinmez, Founder, MSc.Arch, was born in 1980, Izmir-Turkey. Studied architecture at Istanbul Beykent University and graduated with first high honor degree in 2002.

Between 2002-2005 studied Building management and housing production in Yıldız Technical University for master degree. Published his thesis on ‘Small and medium size building enterprises in Turkey, their properties, problems and solution suggestions.’

Managing partner and architect at Dinmez Construction Company and he is the founder of hOd architecture and StudioLAB Design Studies Community.

During past 25 years he designed several projects, managed constructions and attended several national and international architectural design competitions and received international awards.

Besides these, he teaches architectural design studio, building construction and material courses at Izmir University of Economics. Currently works as an architect in his own studio, trying to develop himself in every design disciplines.