Manager/Director in projects supported by international organizations such as AB, BM, NATO, etc.

  • Development of antimicrobial food processing surfaces by nanoscale surface modification.
    (2014-2015) The United States Department of Agriculture USDA Grant no: 11-006422 A00

Participant in projects supported by international organizations

  • Active packaging systems to extend the shelf life of dry products
    (2014-2015) Abbott Nutrition, project no: Abbott Labs 128609 (USA)
  • Environmental, microbial, and mammalian biomolecular responses to AhR Ligands: Project 7. Geochemical Controls on the adsorption, bioavailability, and environmental fate of dioxins, PCBs and PAHs
    (2011-2012) National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences (USA)

Manager or Director in projects supported by other international organizations

  • Ocean-degradable plastics
    (2010-2011) Xprize Foundation (USA),
  • Evaluation of the compatibility and potential application of PLA polymers for alcoholic beverage containers
    (2006-2007) Diageo Innovation (USA)
  • Biodegradable polymer-based composite materials for long shelf life food packaging.
    (2005-2006) The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA/ SBIR-STTR program) (USA).
  • High barrier multilayer packages for medical devices.
    (2003-2004) Medtronic (USA).
  • Detection of off odors utilizing gas chromatography and electronic nose
    (2003-2004) Stora Enso (USA).
  • Development of electronic nose method for evaluation of residual solvents in lowdensity polyethylene films.
    (2003-2004) Michigan State University- Center for Food and Pharmaceutical Research (USA).