Basic Science : Mech. Eng., METU (Middle East Technical University), 1986
Master of Science : Mech. Eng., METU (Middle East Technical University), 1988
PhD : Mech.Eng., Liverpool John Moores University ( formerly Liverpool Polytechnic), Higher Education Council Scholarship (1988-1992)

Academic Titles
Research Assistant – November 1986- October 1992/Gaziantep University
Research Scholar - September 1988- March 1992/ LJMU(Liverpool Polytechnic) Assist Prof.Dr.- 1992-1997/Gaziantep University
Assos.Prof.Dr.- 1997-2004/ Gaziantep University
Prof.Dr. –2004- August 2018/Gaziantep University
Prof.Dr.-September 2018-İzmir University of Economics

Research Interests
System Dynamics, mechatronics, robotics, haptics, system control, heuristic algorithms and optimization (GA, PSO, NN, fuzzy logic), motion and trajectory planning and hybrid machines