TEFL / TESL Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

Lyndon Merrett’s main academic education is in the area of Electronics & Micro-Computer Systems Design, and was employed from 1977 until mid 2001 in various Design Engineering and Management roles within the Military and Commercial Electronics sectors. Prior to arriving in Turkey, he obtained the TEFL / TESL Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma enabling him to teach English as a Foreign / Second Language. His first few years in Turkey were spent teaching the English Language to students at Preparatory and Undergraduate levels within the English Language and Literature Department of Istanbul Kültür University. While there, he also taught instructors studying for their Masters’ Degree within the same department. He commenced employment at Izmir University of Economics in September 2004 initially employed as an English Language Preparatory Instructor, for the last several years he has been teaching Freshman Academic Skills, has been responsible for Blackboard System activities related to the Freshman program and, throughout the pandemic (2020-2022) was ENG101 and ENG102 Course Coordinator.