Integrating Critical Thinking into the Exploration of Culture in an EFL Setring ,
World Learning SIT Graduate Institute   (6-2020)
Course and Syllabus Design I ,
Bordion Academy/ Cambridge University Press   (3-2019)
Course and Syllabus Design II ,
Gordion Academy/ Cambridge University Press   (5-2019)
Curriculum Development ,
Canadian College of Educators   (6-2016)
Business Law Diploma ,
Stonebridge Associated Colleges   (9-2014)
Management in ELT ,
Hox & Erix   (2-2014)
English for Business ,
London School of Journalism   (9-2005)
Certificate in the Skills of Teacher Training ,
İngiliz Kültür Heyeti   (5-2005)
Certificate in Teaching of English Grammar to Adults ,
British Council   (1-2003)
Certificate in English Language Teaching ,
British Council   (1-2003)
Certificate in Teaching ,
Ege University   (1-2001)