Korkut Öztekin was born in 1976 in İzmir, an ancient harbor city on the central and strategic point of The Aegean coast of Turkish Anatolia also known as old Smyrna. In 2002, he was graduated from the Graphic Design Department of Bilkent University. In 2005, Öztekin completed his graduate degree at Dokuz Eylül University. In 2006, while working for Turkey and The Middle East branch of international advertisement agency Leo Burnet, Öztekin received the most prestigious national advertisement award the Crystal Apple in two categories (the best corporate image and the best chocolate, candy-snack ad) for the newspaper ads he designed for Koska catering firm. Öztekin worked as an editor in Turkish Graphic Design Magazine. Öztekin’s doctorate thesis, Exploration of Manga As Cultural Resistance was published by D.E.Ü G.S.E. University Publications Press. The Fallowing year, an extended and edited version of the same work published by the national publishing House Iletisim. He worked as a freelance illustrator for comic-book art and produced cover and illustrations for several literary works. He became known for his work on the Turkish comic anthology Deli Gücük, Ghost Stories from The Ottoman Anatolian Rural. His work captured the attention of Clive Barker, the well-known British painter, director, and writer. Öztekin worked as a supporting artist in the Dark Watch series written by Brandon Seifert and Clive Barker. 2014, He worked as the lead artist on the graphic novel RoboCop: Last Stand, from Steven Grant's adaptation of the original screenplay of RoboCop 3, written by renowned American screenwriter and comic book maker Frank Miller in 1993 for MGM studios. Last Stand was well received in Europe and translated in French as Mort ou Vif and Spanish as Ultimo Asalto. Öztekin illustrated the self-help book and graphic novel Out of The Woods written by Brent Williams, a New Zealand human rights lawyer. This work received a silver medal from The Benjamin Franklin Awards Program organized by the I.B.P.A. (Independent Book Publishers Association)of The United States, under the best self-help book category. Öztekin’s works have been translated into English, French, Turkish, German, and Spanish. He is currently working as an associate professor at Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics.