Professor. Dr. Mehmet KOŞTUMOĞLU

Born in 1960 in Akhisar. He has completed his primary and secondary education in Akhisar. He has graduated from Anadolu University and started teaching there in 1985. He has been assigned to Faculty of Fine Arts / Dokuz Eylül University as a lecturer in 1991. He has got his MA degree on “The Impacts of Impressionism on Turkish Photography” and his Phd dissertation was entitled: “Digital Photography and Artistic Creativity”. In 1994 he had an experimental exibit named “PolaNü” with Polaroidâ materials. Since 1995 he has been taking photographs of directors and actors of Turkish Cinema and his collection has reached around 20.000 photographs. He had an exibition named “Portraits /Turkish Cinema”.
In 1999 he has captured documentary-style photographs of Kosovan refugees at the camp in Kırklareli and opened an exibition on July 12, 1999 named “My Homeland Kosova”. ‘’KOSOVA 1999 ‘’ is a portfolio of 4x5 inch black & white Polaroidâ photographs. ‘’ GRAY ‘’ also consists of black & white photographs and aims to raise awareness of environmental pollution using gas masks. His exibit ‘’KYIV’’ contains photographs from Chernobyl and Kiev / Ukraine. “BODYGRAM” (2004) is a display of chemical technology in the very early years of photography. His “Colors and Faces of Crimea” (September, 2004) exhibition which holds the photographs of the events for the 150th anniversary of Crimean War was held in University of Ukraine-Kiev Taras Sevçenko. His exibit “Three Castles Three Destinies”(2006) contains photographs of Akkerman, Khotyn and Kamanica castles in Ukraine. It has been displayed at Ukraine-Kiev Archeology Museum and Ukraine-Lviv Ivan Franko University.
“Portraits” contains the 50x60 black & white photographs of faculty members of Faculty of Fine Arts / Dokuz Eylul University.
His exibition named “Invalid” has been displayed at the 4th International EgeArt Art Days and it consists damaged Polaroids. He has had and participated in more than 50 exibitions and published immensely on photography. He has contributed as a writer in ‘’Gültekin Çizgen; Half a Century in Photography’’ (2008) and “Have a Nice Day İstanbul’’ (2008) by Gültekin Çizgen. He has also contributed with three chapters in two books published by Anadolu University. He has been teaching Photography in Dokuz Eylül University / Faculty of Fine Arts and İzmir University of Economics. Photography labs in Anadolu University, Dokuz Eylul University, Marmara University, Yaşar University, and İzmir Institute of Technology have all been established under his supervision and he has taught in all of them.
Portraits / Turkish Cinema’’ has been published in June 2015.
He is the Head of the Basic Design Department at Faculty of Arts / Dokuz Eylül University.