In 2008, she worked as a student assistant during her undergraduate education at the Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and graduated with the first degree. She won patent rights for his graduation project, a movable modular housing unit that will serve as a post-disaster shelter.
After graduation, she started the Design Studies Master's Program at Izmir University of Economics and worked as a Research Assistant for about three years. Later, in 2011, she started the Bilkent University Interior Architecture and Environmental Design PhD program by winning a scholarship and completed the program in 2018. After starting to work as a part-time lecturer at the Yaşar University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in 2016, he was promoted to Doctor Lecturer for the next 8 years.
After master's and doctoral studies, her professional field of work is based on socio-spatial dynamics between space, design, culture, and identity in displacement/relocation contexts with marginalized minority groups such as women, immigrants, and the urban poor. He is currently conducting research on architectural history and theory related to social space, migration, collective memory, and gender studies in Izmir.