Manager/Director in projects supported by international organizations such as AB, BM, NATO, etc.

  • Energy efficiency through behaviour change transition strategies
    (2020-2021) Avrupa Birliği Horizon 2020 Programı
  • Establishing Community Renewable Energy Webs (eCREW)
    (2020-2021) European Commission Horizon 2020
  • Towards a Fair and Open Data Ecosystem in the Low Carbon Energy
    (2020-2021) European Commission Horizon 2020
  • Energy Choices supporting the Energy Union and the Set-plan (ECHOES)
    (2016-2017) European Commission Horizon 2020
  • Innovating the Turkish Supply Chain for Services in Humanitarian Aid
    (2016-2017) TÜBİTAK-Research Councils United Kingdom (RCUK)

Manager or Director in projects supported by national organizations such as TUBITAK, DPT

  • Challenges and Opportunities in the Arctic Region: Preparing a Strategic Road Map for Turkey
    (2021-2022) Tubitak
  • Decision Support System for Trip Scheduling and Optimization in Public Transport
    (2018-2019) Tubitak
  • Interpreting the Changing Settlement Pattern in Turkey with the Example of Izmir
    (2018-2019) Tubitak
  • Izmir Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan
    (2018-2019) Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
  • Izmir Historical City Center Sustainable Logistics Plan
    (2018-2019) Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
  • Creating a Damage Database and Risk Analysis for Wind Turbines in Operation in Turkey: Risk Map for Investors and Insurers
    (2018-2019) Scientific Research Projects (BAP)
  • Energy Security Perception of Turkish Industrial Organizations: Industrial Strategy Document and Energy Policy Compliance Research
    (2014-2015) Scientific Research Projects (BAP)
  • Determining the Role of Pharmacist and Pharmacist Cooperatives in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
    (2011-2012) EDAK Pharmaceutical Distribution
  • Duru Lojistik New Warehouse Design
    (2008-2009) Duru Lojistik
  • IZKA Lojistik Sektörü Araştırma-Geliştirme Raporu
    (2008-2009) İZKA - İzmir Kalkınma Ajansı
  • Narlıdere Municipality Waste Collection - Route Optimization
    (2008-2009) Narlıdere Municipality
  • Balçova Municipality Waste Collection - Route Optimization
    (2008-2009) Narlıdere Municipality
  • Pınar Su Filling Facility Simulation
    (2008-2009) Pınar Su
  • Çamlı Yem Besicilik Feed Distribution Optimization
    (2008-2009) Çamlı Yem Besicilik