Murat Askar was born in Ankara, Turkey, on 20 September 1952. He received the B.Sc and M.Sc. degrees from Department of Electrical Engineering at Middle East Technical University in 1974 and 1976 respectively, and the Ph. D. degree also in the same university in 1981.

He become an assistant at 1974 in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Middle East Technical University. In the same department, he was promoted as instructor in 1978, assistant professor in 1981, and associate professor in 1984. He become Professor in 1991 in the same department. Since 2010, he is a Professor in İzmir University of Economics.

Concurrent to his position in university, he worked as the Head of Electronics Division of Ankara Electronics Research and Development Institute, under Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey. In 1988, he become the Director of this Institute. In 1989-90, he was employed as the Head of Studios Department of Turkish Radio and Television. Besides his position in the university, between 1995-2002, he worked as the Director of Information Technologies and Electronics Research Institute.
Between 2002-2003, he worked as the consultant to the President of Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey.

He continued his academic research acticities on image prcessing in the Department of Radiological Sciences at University of California, Irvine between Sept 1987-Mar 1988. He worked as consultant at Polly Peck International, London between Jan 1990-July 1990.

He initiated several projects in his professional life. He was a member of the team who prepared the feasibility report of HAVELSAN. With Prof. Dr. Abdullah Atalar, he formed the first VLSI Design Center in 1987 upon getting a grant from the Science for Stability Program of NATO. He played an active role for Information Technologies and Electronics Research Institute. getting ISO 9001 certificate when the was its Director. This was the first ISO 9001 certificate given to a government R&D Institute. He was the Project Director of the National Information Infrastructure Master Plan, which was the first plan in Turkey towards Information Society. In 2003, he started the first Low Orbit Earth Observation Satellite project in Turkey.

Between 1996-2002, he was the representative of Turkey at the Information, Communication and Computer Policy (ICCP) Committee of OECD. Between 2000-2004, he was a member of the Executive Board of Turkish Radio and Television. He represented Turkish Radio and Television in Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU). Between 2006-2011, he was the Vice Chair of Turkish Informatics Society.

In 1987, he received Science Incentive Award from Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey. In 1990, with three colleagues he has been given the 3rd Science Award of Turkish PTT.

He is the coauthor of the Turkish books on Communication Systems and Communication Theory. He has several journal and conference papers on electronics, VLSI design, communications, electronic commerce and digital signature. He is married and has two children.