He graduated from Balıkesir University Mechanical Engineering Department in 2005. After graduation, he worked as a mechanical engineer in various companies and continued his graduate education at Izmir Institute of Technology (İYTE). He completed his master's degree at IZTECH Mechanical Engineering Department in 2012 and his doctorate at IZTECH Mechanical Engineering Department in 2021. During PhD program, he worked as a project assistant in various Tübitak projects. Between 2015 and 2017, he carried out R&D activities as a founding partner in NLFD Technology company, which was established with the Techno-enterprise Capital Support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology. He started to work as a faculty member in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Izmir University of Economics in 2021. He carries out academic studies on robotics and his fields of study include mobile robots, fault tolerant control, teleoperation, haptic device design, medical robotics, dynamic modeling and controller design.