National book chapters

  • O.Arslan.
    Turkish Foreign Policy’s Historical Perspectives Towards the Northern Balkans and Transcaucasus Areas: A Comparison of the late Ottoman and Republican approaches vis-à-vis the wider Black Sea region.
    I.Biliarsky , O.Cristea and A.Oroveanu.
    The Balkans and Caucasus. Parallel processes on the opposite sides of the Black Sea.
    (2012), Cambridge Scholars Publishing,
  • O.Arslan , I.Bagdadi.
    Challenges to Peace Operations in the 21st Century: Concluding Remarks.
    S.Hürsoy , N.Ada.
    Challenges to Peace Operations in the 21st Century.
    (2007), İzmir University of Economics Press ,

International book chapters

  • O.Arslan.
    Lyudi, Korabli i Oruzhiye dlya Sultana: Personel Suda i Vooruzheniye, Postavlennyye Germaney-Turetskoy Armii i Flotu (Men, Ships and Arms to the Sultan: German Military Mission and Transfer of Personnel, Vessels, and Weapons to the Ottoman Army and Navy during WW I).
    Porokh, Zoloto i Stal, Voyenno-tekhnicheskoye Sotrudnichestvo v gody Pervoy Mirovoy Voyny (Gunpowder, Gold and Steel: Military-Technical Cooperation in the years of the First World War).
    (2018), Izdatelstvo RKHGA, ISBN: 978-5-88812-889-3
  • O.Arslan.
    La Bataille de Sarıkamış: Un 'Tannenberg' manqué dans les montagnes?.
    F.Cochet , J.Grandhomme.
    Guerre des Vosges et guerres de montagne, 1914-1918.
    (2016), Bernard Giovanangeli Editeur, Paris,