Manager/Director in projects supported by international organizations such as AB, BM, NATO, etc.

  • National Energy Efficiency Financing Mechanism Roadmap and Supporting the Establishment of Competitive Energy Efficiency Tender Mechanism Project
    (2019-2020) EBRD, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources/ IPA EU Project-

Participant in projects supported by international organizations

  • Assessment of opportunities and interest in direct uses of geothermal Energy Project
    (2020-2021) World Bank Group
  • ECHOES Project (Energy Choices supporting the Energy Union and the Set-Plan
    (2018-2019) Funded by European Commissions H2020 Project (RIA)
  • Technical Assistance for Developed Analytical Basis for Formulating Strategies and Actions Towards Low Carbon Developmet
    (2017-2018) The Project co-financed European Union and Republic of Turkey
  • Roadmap for the Consideration of establishment and operation of a Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading System in Turkey
    (2017-2018) Word Bank-PMR Project- Mınistry of Environment

Manager or Director in projects supported by other international organizations

  • Development of Legal and Institutional Infrastructure for Piloting an Emission Trading System (ETS) in Turkey
    (2019-2020) World Bank Group- PMR- Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Project-