Manager or Director in projects supported by national organizations such as TUBITAK, DPT

  • Building a Turkish Dataset for Emotion-Enriched Vector Space Models
    (2022-2023) İzmir University of Economics
  • 115E469 Identification of Multiword Expressions in Turkish Texts
    (2015-2016) Tubitak

Participant in projects supported by national organizations such as TUBITAK, DPT

  • Modeling a System of Coordination and Communication Solutions for Disaster Risk Reduction and Agencies Involved in Response Process
    (2023-2024) İzmir University of Economics (TUBITAK 1001)
  • AB'nin Ortak Güvenlik Ve Dış Politikasının Stratejik Pusula Çerçevesinde Analizi
    (2023-2024) Ege University (TUBITAK 3005)
  • Quantum Cascade Lasers, Devices and Applications (Kuantay)
    (2023-2024) 1004-Center of Excellence Support Program (IYTE)
  • Automatic Scoring of Short Answer Questions with Open Source Softwarev
    (2023-2024) Ege University (TUBITAK 3005)
  • 18-UBE-002 Part of Speech Tagging with Deep Learning Methods (BAP)
    (2018-2019) Ege University - Coordinatorship of Scientific Research Projects
  • 117R036 Investigating the Effects of Computer Based Affective Recommendation System on Teacher Trainees Cognitive- Emotional Development
    (2019-2020) Tübitak-British Council Bilateral Cooperation Program- Katip Çelebi Newton Fund
  • VITIS Viticulture Control System (Advisor)
    (2016-2017) TUBITAK
  • 114E126 Using Certainty Factor Approach for Measuring Similarity of Short Turkish Texts and Constructing a Paraphrase Corpus of Turkish
    (2014-2015) Tubitak
  • 104E120 The Quantitative Linguistic Metrics of Written Turkish Texts Based on Zipf Laws.
    (2005-2006) TUBITAK