PhD Thesis

BENGÜL KAVLAK , “ Applicable law to cross-border mergers ”
HASAN KARAKILIÇ , “ Tying practices in Competition Law ”
NİL KULA DEĞİRMENCİ , “ Elaboration of liabilities and liability insurance cover of freight forwarder as a multimodal transport operator ”

Graduate Thesis

BENGÜL KAYIŞ , “ The conflict of laws pertaining to the unfair competition ”
BUSE AKKAYA , “ Protection of commercial name ”
GİZEM KILIÇ , “ Principles of decision making and meeting of the board of joint stock companies ”
MEHMET ÇAĞRI AVCIOĞLU , “ Obligation to investigate the torture in an effective manner within the scope of ECHR article 3 ”
Yaşar University
MERVE KANDIRALI , “ Civil liability of cheque drawer ”
Yaşar University
NİLGÜN DİNÇER , “ The relationship between actio pro socio and actio communi dividundo during the Classical Period of Roman Law ”
ÖZLEM KURT , “ Use of trademark for the description of the product or service ”
Yaşar University
SELDA ÇAĞLAR BALTACI , “ Conditional permit of merger and acquisitions in competition law ”
Yaşar University
SELENAY TEZBAŞARAN , “ Likelihood of confusion in serial trademarks ”
Yaşar University
ZERRİN ASLANTAŞ , “ Transfer of the trade mark ”