In 2009, I developed an interest in fashion by creating 3D model custom contents for the simulation video game "The Sims". Nowadays, I am still working as a Featured Artist for the International website "The Sims Resource".

In 2013, I was accepted to Izmir University of Economics, Fashion and Textile Design department winning 1st place prize as a scholarship.

During my studies, I worked closely with professors and instructors and built up my network from the sector. I partook in several projects such as designing the graduation catalog, working in a team with senior academic staff on a textile project, and other university projects.

When I approached 3rd year of my studies, I decided to expand my profession to Fashion Business and focus on Visual Merchandising since It is a bridge between Fashion and other disciplines.

I have always had a multidisciplinary approach. I have an interest in graphic/media design and have gained experience by working as a free-lance designer on various projects many years. Outside the University, I had the opportunity to participate on a Visual Merchandising and branding projects in Germany, work with companies for various projects.

I volunteered long years at Erasmus Student Network National Communication Committee and my work was recognized by International Communication Committee several times by now.

I also worked for the University as a paid junior designer, assisted Graphic Designer/Corporate Identity Expert of the University.

I am a graduate Master degree student at Politecnico di Milano, Design for the Fashion System and working as a Lead Designer for gigaaa AI Assistant since 3,5 years, which is a dynamic, multinational Innovation Company based in Germany. My latest position is working for Matmatch, a company located in Munich, Germany. I continue my position as a Senior UX/UI Designer.
On the side, I run multiple freelance projects, I help building brands and design/develop digital products/services for companies.