Simon Mumford graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 1983. He was awarded the RSA Certificate in TEFL in 1985. He has taught at various English Language courses and a private secondary school in Izmir, Turkey. He taught on the Ege University English preparatory course from 1997 to 2003. In 2004, he graduated from the Aston University (UK) Msc.TESOL programme. He has taught at Izmir University of Economics since 2003. He currently teaches academic skills to Freshmen, and is on the testing committee for ENG 101 and 102. He also works in the Academic Writing Centre where he advises Faculty members on academic written style. He has published a number of articles on teaching methodology, and presented at many conferences. His areas of interest include testing and academic writing.He is a member of the Freshmen Testing Unit, and is currently researching the testing of academic vocabulary.