Graduated from Industrial Design Department, Middle East Technical University (1989), Şölen Kipöz gained her masters degree from Dokuz Eylül University Fine Arts Faculty, Textile Department, and PhD from Communications & Public Relations Department in Aegean University (1998). Her post-doctorate research on Fashion Management took place in Bologna University through a scholarship from Italian Government. In Dokuz Eylül University, she worked as a research assistant in Fashion Accessory program and conducted jewelry design projects with World Gold Council there. Following her academic career in Izmir Institute of Technology Industrial Design Master Program, in 2001,she is assigned as a founding academic member of Izmir University of Economics, Fashion and Textile Design Department. There she has delivered number of bachelor , master and phd courses on design and theory. She published trend books on wedding fashions and ready to wear in collaboration with the industry. Her conceptual projects had outputs as exhibitions and publications such as the book entitled Dress Against Disaster (2007), which provided a theoretical basis for a design project that she supervised and exhibited in Social Design Biennial in Utrecht.
Her research interests cover conceptual fashion design, interdisciplinary fashion studies, and ethical and sustainable fashion design. The last one has outcomes as artistic presentations and exhibitions through which she challenges the borders between design, art and crafts. Her personal exhibition Ahimsa: The other life of clothes (2012), her installations and performances for PortIzmir3 International Contemporary Art Triennial (2014) and Asteya (2017) exhibition are some of her notable works. Her design project, rag doll is registered as a utility model by Turkish Patent Institute in 2015 which can be produced and personalized by the user and has been co-created with women and children. In 2016 she presented this project in Royal College of Arts, London. The same year, Kipöz edited a collective book, entitled Sustainable Fashion (2015) published in Turkish that has become influential in the path of creating an awareness on slow and ethical fashion in Turkey. She is the author and the editor of the book entitled “Slowness in Fashion” ( 2020)