Taylan Demirkaya completed his high school education from TED

Ankara College in 1994. He then had his Business Administration

undergraduate degree from Bilkent University in 1999. He has

completed his MBA degree on finance from Başkent University in 2002

and he is doing his PHD on finance in Eylül University.

Taylan has been a founder for two IT companies in Ankara after his

graduation from Bilkent University. In 2003 he moved to İzmir as a

research assistant in İzmir University of economics. In 2010 he became

the director of Embryonix which is an incubator center for entrepreneurs. He had successfully

helped 3 projects to become million dollar companies.

Taylan has published two books as a co-author on entrepreneurship and is a host professional in

internet media TV program which is broadcasted every Tuesday on Yeni Asır TV. He is also a

professional blogger and a social media expert.