Tuğrul Atasoy was born in Ankara in 1950. He attended T.Eğ.D. Ankara Koleji (1958-1963) Tabeetha School (Jaffa, 1963-4), American International School (Tel-Aviv, 1964-5) and T.Eğ.D. Ankara Koleji again (1965-7), and Middle East Technical University-Faculty of Administrative Sciences-Department of Management (1967-72). He attended further education in ESADES-Mediterranean Institute-Faculty of Letters (Barcelona-Spain), covering language testing, and computer assisted language learning. He gained work experience in companies or institutions such as Kiska (1972-3), Turkish Coal Enterprises (1974), and started his academic career in Middle East Technical University (METU) Extension Campus –Gaziantep in September of 1974.
1977-1979 he worked as a specialist at Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and concurrently taught at Merchant Marine Academy and Kadıköy School of Foreign Languages. 1979-1980, he worked as a copywriter at Birleşik Reklamcılar Limited Şirketi (advertising company), and 1980-1981 he was the trade manager at TETA A.Ş.
1981-1989, he returned to academic life as an instructor at the Industrial Training Center system of ARAMCO (Arabian-American Oil Company – Saudi Arabia). In 1989, he received the High Performance Award at Aramco. Upon returning to Turkey in September of 1989, he returned to his post as an instructor at METU School of Foreign Languages. In 2002, he was transferred to the Faculty of Economic Sciences (FEAS), Department of Business Administration, where he worked till his retirement in September of 2011. Along with his academic duties, he served as assistant chair from 2006 till his retirement. During his years at METU, he was a board member at Continuing Education Center (CEC), and Entrepreneurship Center (President's Office –METU). In 2000, he received the METU Educator of the Year Award.
Tuğrul Atasoy continues his work as an instructor at CEC-METU, and since the Spring Semester of 2014, has been teaching a variety of courses at the Faculty of Business, Faculty of Communication, and Social Sciences Institute at Izmir University of Economics.