Turhan Tunali earned a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering from Middle East Technical University and MSc Degree in Applied Statistics from Ege University, both in Turkey. He then earned a DSc Degree in Systems Science and Mathematics from Washington University in St.Louis, USA in 1985. After his doctorate study, he joined Computer Engineering Department of Ege University as an assistant professor where he became an associate professor in 1988. During the period of 1992–1994, he worked in Department of Computer Technology of Nanyang Technological University of Singapore as a Visiting Senior Fellow. He then joined International Computer Institute of Ege University as a Professor where he was the director from 2001 to 2009. In the period of 2000–2001 he worked in Department of Computer Science of Loyola University of Chicago as a Visiting Professor. He is currently working as a Professor at Department of Computer Engineering of Izmir University of Economics. His current research interests include adaptive video streaming and Internet performance measurements.