• On the Verge of Ambiguity: Law, Violence, and Justice in Oresteia
    (2017-2018) SALT Istanbul
  • Morality, Law, Politics: How to Make a New Beginnig in a World in Chaos
    (2017-2018) 9 Eylul Unversity, Faculty of Law - 9 Eylul Unversity, Faculty of Law
  • Epiphanies of Justice
    (2018-2019) Altınbaş University
  • 'Opening' Cosmopolitanism: A Contribution to Contemporary Discussion in the Light of Conceptual History
    (2018-2019) Boğaziçi University - Boğaziçi University Department of Political Science and International Relations
  • Politics and Philosophy in Hannah Arendts Writings
    (2015-2016) Izmir, Katip Çelebi University
  • Between Justice and Legal Order: Rethinking Kantian Cosmopolitanism
    (2015-2016) Izmir University of Economics
  • Turkish Nationalism and Right-wing Politics after 1960: Doctrine and Movement
    (2009-2010) Ankara - Ankara University Faculty of Political Science