Ünsal Doğan Başkır is Assistant Professor in Izmir University of Economics where he teaches ethics, politics of human rights, history of philosophical thought, and introduction to politics. Recently, he is on leave with a postdoctoral fellowship at Heidelberg Ruprecht-Karls-University Institute of Political Science.

Upon receiving his Bachelor degree in International Relations from Ankara University Faculty of Political Science, Başkır completed his PhD in Political Science at Ankara University with his dissertation on the political theory of cosmopolitanism. During his doctoral studies, he worked in Tübingen Eberhart-Karls-University and Northwestern University as visiting scholar, and in Izmir University of Economics as research assistant.

His research interests include history of political thought, contemporary political theory, and theories of republicanism and citizenship. His articles have appeared in European Journal of Cultural Studies, Toplum ve Bilim, Felsefi Düşün, Mülkiye, Birikim and Ayrıntı Dergi. He has also contributed to edited volumes titled Siyasalın Peşinde: Dünyaya Tragedyalarla Bakmak (edited by Derim Sezer and Nazile Kalaycı, Metis, 2017) and Çağdaş Siyasal Teori (edited by Muhammed Ali Ağcan, İstanbul Bilgi University Press, 2021). Başkır is subject editor in Mülkiye, a distinguished academic journal in Turkish, since 2021.