My interest lies in understanding the activity of the brain at the level of neuronal populations and developing methods for Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMI or BCI) based on that understanding. My work has focused on statistical analysis and modeling of neural activity imaging data as well as biomedical image and signal processing. My laboratory on noninvasive brain-machine interfaces focuses on developing EEG and EMG-based neural interfaces and integrating these into robotic prosthetic systems. The areas of my experience and expertise include neuroscience (theoretical and computational); image processing; statistical and machine learning; methods for advanced statistical inference; optimization and computational methods; math; physics; engineering and scientific computing; a variety of programming languages including C/C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Matlab, SQL, R; Big Data analytics and Data Science; Web development, and other subjects - see my LinkedIn and ResearchGate profiles for more info.

I am currently an Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences of Izmir University of Economics (2016-). My primary focus at Izmir University of Economics is the development of methods for noninvasive brain-machine interfaces and advanced prosthetics, the latter including powered/robotic and neural prosthetics.

Prior to Izmir University of Economics, I taught as Assistant and then Associate Professor at Toros University (2011-2016), where I founded the Department of Computer and Software Engineering and also the research laboratory on Noninvasive Brain-Machine Interfaces. During the same time, I received the BAGEP Young Scientist award of the Science Academy (2013) and attracted the major TUBITAK ARDEB 1001 grant (2014) for the research on noninvasive electroencephalographic brain-computer interfaces.

Before coming to Turkey, I had worked in neuroimaging and computational neuroscience in USA, first at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (2005-2007), then at Janelia Research Campus of HHMI (2007-2008) and last at the Department of Statistics at Columbia University (2008-2010). I worked on the development of image processing methods for large scale electron-microscopy imaging of neural circuits in the brain and later on large-scale statistical modeling and analysis of the activity of large neuronal populations in the brain, with the goal of statistical inference of neural circuits' structure in the brain.