Z. Selen Saydam Erdinç holds a BA in American Culture and Literature from Ankara
University and an MA in American Studies from Heidelberg Ruprecht Karls University. She
received a CELT certificate from the Swan Training Institute, Ireland in 2011. She worked as
an instructor at TOBB ETÜ Foreign Languages Department from 2011 to 2022 where she
worked as a member of the Measurement and Evaluation Unit from 2012 to 2022. She has
been working as an instructor at the Preparatory Program at Izmir University of Economics
since August, 2022. She has attended several certificate programs, workshops and seminars
on language assessment. She co-authored a number of test books for YÖKDİL and YDT. In
addition, she provided a one-year in-house testing training series as part of a professional
development project with the other members of the unit. Her professional interests include
item development and assessment literacy.