Diğer Görevler

Organizing Committee Member - (2011-2012) ,“ 8th International Student Conference 2012”
Organizing Committee Member - (2011-2012) ,“ 5th International Conference on Value Chain Sustainability 2012”
Araştırma Raporu - (1999-2000) ,“ Tree Network 1-Median Location with Interval Data: A Parameter Space Based Approach”
Araştırma Raporu - (1999-2000) ,“ Solving the Doubly Time Dependent 1-Median Location Problem on a Tree via Domain Decomposition”
Araştırma Raporu - (1998-1999) ,“ Tree Network Median Location in the Presence of time Dependence and Data Uncertainty”
Turkish- Finnish Workshop on Operations Research - (1996-1997) ,“ Optimization with Imprecise (Interval) Data”
2nd Scandinavian Workshop on Linear Programming - (1996-1997) ,“ Optimization with Imprecise (Interval) Data”
Araştırma Raporu - (1996-1997) ,“ Modeling and Analysis of Optimality Concepts in Multimedian Location with Interval Data”
Bilkent Special Workshop on Combinatorial Optimization - (1995-1996) ,“ A Review of Parametric and Sensitivity Analysis in Integer Programming. Part 1:Theory, Part 2:Algorithms”
Bilkent Special Workshop on Combinatorial Optimization, Bilk - (1995-1996) ,“ Optimization with Imprecise (Interval) Data with Applications to Facility Location”