Uluslararası Dergi

  • "İmparatorlukların Kesiştiği Sınırlarda 'Meşru Hudutlar' Konusunda Sarsılan Müttefiklerarası Dayanışma"
    (2018-2019) Paris, Fransa - UMR SIRICE/CHRIA/LabEx EHNE
  • "Boğazlar Sorunu: Kırım Savaşı'nın Jeopolitik Kökenleri"
    (2019-2020) Paris, Fransa - UMR SIRICE/CHRIA/LabEx EHNE
  • Untrustworthy Muslims Out and Loyal Subjects of the Tsar In: Two Different Forms of Migration Engineered by the Russian Empire in the Caucasus and Eastern Anatolia in WWI
  • An Unexpected Camaraderie in Arms on the Eastern Front: Austro-Hungarian Solidarity and War Care (Kriegsfürsorge) Extended to the Ottoman troops during the Galician Campaign in 1916-1917
    (2017-2018) Paris, France - ParisI Sorbonne Üniversitesi / INALCO
  • Security in the Black Sea Region: A Shift of Balance
    (2016-2017) Tiflis, Gürcistan - Strategic Policy Institute Bratislava / Georgian Fondation for Strategic and In
  • The Great War and the Designs to Break Up the ‘Ottoman Order’: Tout Est Forcément Lié
    (2015-2016) Leiden, the Netherlands - School of Middle Eastern Studies (SMES), University of Leiden
  • An Unexpected Anglo-Ottoman Front of WWI: the Ottoman Caucasian Army of Islam and the British Caspian Campaign in 1918
    (2015-2016) Ankara, Turkey - British Institute at Ankara / International Strategic Research Organization (USA
  • The Young Turks and the Ottoman Jews at the Beginning of the 20th Century: Converging Interests and Common Threat Perceptions in a Polarized Europe and the Near East
    (2015-2016) New York City, USA - Turkish Consulate General in New York
  • Burden-sharing and Turkey vs. Demands from EU in Dealing with the Syrian Refugee Crisis
    (2015-2016) Philadelphia, USA - Temple University
  • Looking Towards the Black Sea Rim: A Comparative Historical Approach to the late Ottoman and Republican-era Turkish Foreign Policies vis-à-vis the Southern Caucasus and the Northern Balkans
    (2015-2016) Istanbul, Turkey - Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM)
  • Who is in Charge of the Caucasian Front ?: An Assessment of the Decision-Making Process and the Uneasy Alliance between the Imperial German and Ottoman army officers, 1914-18
    (2014-2015) Berlin, Germany - Deutsches Historisches Museum
  • La bataille de Sarıkamış: une 'Tannenberg' échouée dans les montagnes?
    (2014-2015) Epinal and Colmar, France - Conseil Généraux du Haut-Rhin et des Vosges
  • When Scandinavia Meets the Levant: the Carolean Exile in the Ottoman Empire, 1709-1714
    (2014-2015) Berlin, Almanya - Berlin Humboldt Üniversitesi
  • The First World War in the Black Sea (1914-1918), the War Aims and the Naval Strategies of the Ottoman, German and Russian empires
    (2015-2016) Saint Petersburg, Russia - School of International Relations, Saint Petersburg State University
  • Experiencing the Great War in the Caucasus: a comparison of accounts of the combatants and observers
    (2013-2014) Istanbul, Turkey - Orient-Institut Istanbul / Bilgi University
  • The Caucasian Front or the 'Caucasian Sideshow'?: Ottoman and Russian Empires’ War Strategies and Military Operations in the Near East, 1914-17
    (2013-2014) Paris, France - Collège de France
  • His Majesty’s or the Sultan’s Ships: the “Seized Dreadnoughts Crisis” of August 1914 or the End of the Ottoman-British Friendship
    (2013-2014) Cambridge, UK - University of Cambridge CIRMENA
  • A WWI Front ‘Bon Pour l’Orient’: An Analysis of a Russian War Presumed Won Before It Actually Was
    (2013-2014) Sapporo, Japan - Slavic-Eurasian Research Center, Hokkaido University
  • An Imperial Sideshow, the Caucasian Front and the Ottomano-Romanov War, 1914-1917
    (2014-2015) Leiden, the Netherlands - University of Leiden, School of Middle Eastern Studies (SMES) Turkish Studies Pr
  • An Imperial Sideshow, the Caucasian Front and the Ottomano-Romanov Clash in the Near East, 1914-1917
    (2014-2015) Jerusalem, Israel - The Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations, Hebrew University of Je
  • Naval operations in the Black Sea during WWI
    (2012-2013) Newport, U.S.A. - US Naval War College
  • The Ottoman Empire and the Caucasus in WWI
    (2011-2012) the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan - Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia (IASA)
  • Turkish Foreign Policy’s Historical Perspectives Towards the Northern Balkans and Transcaucasus Areas: A Comparison of the late Ottoman and Republican approaches vis-à-vis the wider Black Sea region
    (2009-2010) Bucharest, Romania - New Europe College
  • "From a Lasting Division to Reunification? : Changing Patterns in the Turkish Foreign Policy vis-à-vis the Cyprus Question in the last 50 years"
    (2009-2010) Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada - Simon Fraser University Centre of Hellenic Studies
  • "Synergistic Nationalism: The Interactive History of Ottoman Turkish and Azeri National Identities (text co-authored with Itır Bağdadi)”
    (2008-2009) Sapporo, Japan - Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University
  • “Caspian Rim Energy Politics: The Status of Turkey, Former Soviet Republics and Russia”
    (2008-2009) Tokyo, Japan - Department of Economics, Hitotsubashi University
  • “Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection: the Georgian Experience”
    (2008-2009) Baku, Azerbaijan - NATO / NATO International School of Azerbaijan
  • “The future and feasibility of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline and Energy Security in the Caspian from a Turkish Perspective”
    (2006-2007) Baku, Azerbaijan - NATO International School of Azerbaijan (NISA)